These days online visibility is becoming important for many businesses as the internet is growing very fast. To gain online visibility it is recommended to use a good SEO company. In this article I will highlight some of the activities to expect from an SEO Agency.

Competition analyses:

Again this activity is completed before the advice is given to a client. This activity is very important to any SEO campaign as it will provide us important information on the amount of work required to rank on a certain position of search ranking results. If the process is not done professionally then SEO campaign will suffer from not meeting the target position. During this stage an analyst will check the website of the domain appear on page 1 of Google, yahoo, and Bing in order Sommerseo to determine the amount if work done. The analysis include the number of optimised pages and the number and quality of the external and internal links. After this stage the campaign manager will determine how much work is required to rank on a certain position and will allocated the required time to complete the required tasks to complete the optimisation process.

Link Building:

Link building is offered as a standard by all SEO agencies and it is the most important factor that determines your ranking. Google look at the amount of links and the quality of the links you have before they give you your ranking. Links will only determine your position placement on the search result and it will also determine your Google page rank. A good SEO agency will be offering high quality links and naturally built it for you tell you reach your desired position. The more natural links you built the more your rank higher.

Social Media Marketing:

Today Social Medial Marketing is offered with many SEO packages as traffic from these sides are growing very fast. Today Facebook traffic is even higher than Google traffic and marketing your business on these sides will bring results. Usually a Blog is created on Facebook or twitter or even a video is posted on You Tube to increase the traffic.

Finally I say SEO services must be capable to offer all these services in order to be successful other wise it will fail as a combination of all these techniques will SEO campaign successful.

Sargon Odisho

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