I wrote a very similar article a few years back before Arsenal had their FA Cup successes, and completely forgot about it. I began writing the article below earlier today, (whilst still clearing the cobwebs from a long night’s sleep!)

Was I perhaps ahead of the trend and a forward thinker for my generation? I sincerely doubt it. It is a debate that feels older than the chicken or the egg.

It is a discussion that rages on constantly – is Arsene Wenger ready to leave Arsenal?

It is been a long time since the Gooners won the Premier League, or threatened to seriously compete with the elite of Europe.. They continue to be consistent year after year and always manage to make the top 4, regardless of how successful their season is perceived to be by the masses, but in the modern era, with the money spent and the fickleness of avid supporters – this is far from enough.

They have performed consistently and they have always delivered what has become expected of them, I am sure that the boardroom is happy with Wenger (probably due to the financially sound decisions and help with the acquisition of a The Emirates, as well as the football), otherwise we would surely know.

This season was meant to be different though… cast your minds back to the first fixture of the season, all the build up on Sky before Arsenal took on relegation candidates West Ham – Mesut Ozils inspiring and Spartan-esque interview, the marquee signing of top quality goalkeeper Petr Cech – it all looked like it was Arsenals time to shake off the shackles of mediocrity and take the English top flight by storm again ala Henry, Pires, Bergkamp et al – cue the unlikely rhyming duo of Kouyate and Zarate giving Arsenal a day to forget.

Arsenal have looked wonderful at times this season, when the pressure hasสมัครufabetเว็บแม่ been off – put them in a do or die situation though, and the all too familiar story ensues. Big players go missing in big games, big mistakes are made and for some reason, everyone seems to forget their shooting boots! I cannot imagine how frustrating it is to be an Arsenal fan, watching all that talent, all that potential, consistently fail to deliver.

Are the Arsenal fans happy to drift along picking up 4th, playing Champions League football year in year out, without ever looking likely of winning it, to reach Christmas every year within touching distance of Premier League glory and inevitably fading into nonchalance.

Leaving, sometimes the appearance that the desire to reach the summit of domestic and European football has left the North London club.

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